Naughty Julie - Jon and I were visiting my girlfriend Kelli's new apartment (she moved in right next door to me!) and she was showing us this cool chair she had, it was shaped like a giant leopard print shoe! We laughed so hard because both Kelli and I LOVE shoes. I told her I just had to get some pictures of this thing! I ran next door for my camera, and while I was digging in my drawer for batteries I saw one of my favorite bustiers, this leather and leopard print one. I thought, "this is too much of a coincidence - I think I have to get nasty in that chair in front of the camera!" I packed everything up and headed back to Kelli's. As soon as I walked in I said "Jon, get your cock out its time to fuck!" He laughed and said, "Hell yeah!!" I gave Kelli a quick lesson in how to use my camera and said, "lets go!"Jon sat down in the shoe chair and I got down on my knees, looking up at him while I took his dick into my mouth. I'm sure he could see by the look in my eyes I was ready to get my pussy pounded good and hard! His cock was hard in no time at all but I wanted to feel his dick in my mouth even longer. I ran my tongue and lips up and down the shaft, pausing for a minute just over the swollen head. Opening my mouth, a nice long thread of spit fell slowly down to his waiting prick. Now it was slick enough to run my hands over.I started to stroke his throbbing meat and lowered my head down to his big balls. Can't forget about a guy's sensitive balls!! Licking and sucking them, all the while stroking his long cock until it was harder than a rock. Jon was moaning, loving all the attention to "little Jon". He stood up for a better view. Taking the back of my head in his hand he forced my head deep over his dick. Gagging slightly but loving the feel of his big pole in my throat, I moaned and backed off. I wanted to feel the tip of this prick on my nipples. Rubbing the head of Jon's cock over my nipple, I opened my mouth again and a huge string of saliva dropped down directly on us. It made the sensation of his dick on my nipple even stronger!It wasn't long before neither of us could go on without fucking. He said, "bend over this chair I want to get into you deep!" I love the feel of a guy's balls on my clit as he slams in to my pussy doggie style, so I jumped up and bent right over, offering up my ass and pussy to Jon. Pushing the tip of his dick into me, I begged him to slam it into me deep. "Yeah? You want me to pound this pussy nasty girl?" He replied. "Yes, yes, please fuck me hard, make me your little slut baby, please!" I yelled out. All at once he forced his huge rod into my cunt. It was so deep it hurt a little, but I was loving it. "FUCK!!!" I yelled out. But I didn't back away or move one inch. He knew this meant I wanted more.Putting his leg up on the shoe chair and grabbing my ass for leverage, Jon started to pound my hole deep and hard, over and over. "Yeah, yeah, fuck me, oh god, yes baby like that, fuck, fuck" I gasped between each stroke. "You like it when I fuck you like my filthy little slut?" Jon grunted. He knew I loved every minute of it! And I was so close to exploding with cum all over his dick. He felt my pussy walls tighten up inside, "you going to cum on me baby? Yeah be a good girl and cum all over my dick." He bent his legs and got even deeper into my throbbing cunt. "Oooooh fuck YES!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and juices spilled from deep inside me. Jon slowed down to feel the waves of my pussy cumming over his prick. He waited until I had caught my breath a little. I told him to sit down in the chair, I was going to take a ride. He said only for a minute, he wanted to cum all over my pretty face.We fucked for a few more minutes, but I could tell Jon was trying to hold back a big load of cum. I asked him, "where do you want to drop that gooey load baby?" And he reached his hand down and pointed right into my mouth. I was so happy! I love to taste cum and feel it on my face! "Yeah, that's right I want you to spray my face with your cum. Make it all dirty!" Just as I said that he pulled his long prick out of my pussy and moved up to my face. I opened my mouth, waiting for the first stream of spooge. "Oohhh yeah, here it cuuuums" he said as a thick thread of cum shot right into my mouth. Mmmmmm yes! And then another squirt of gooey cum shot at me, I love it! I worked his shaft, massaging every drop onto my face and mouth. I wanted every ounce of his cum to taste and suck up! Jon moaned and said, laughing a little as I started sucking his spunk into my mouth, "Damn baby, you're still the hottest fuck ever!" I laughed and said, "Don't you forget it either!" lol


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